“They are for me a prompt to reflect on the relationship — sometimes vexed, sometimes beautiful, always complicated — between humankind and nature.”

Bryan Graf, New York Times

In a highly developed industrial society, mass production is about to culminate. Only the packages and nylon bags of the manufactured products have the potential to irreversibly pollute nature. This environmental problem is a fact and the restriction of many nylon products is emerging in more and more countries. The nylon bags have become the symbol of these “social” processes and they reflect the immanent nature of our age. These same bags are hidden in every home and each of us has carefully maintained his “collection”. Except that we are being able to find them in our personal spaces, we can also see them free-flying, living their own lives, nesting in the trees or by the sea. There is some beauty in contemplating them, their unique form, the shapes they take, the twists and movements caused by the wind. A number of artists such as Tomas Saraceno, Robert Janson, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Claudia Borgna, Lorri Ott and Virginia Fleck came to these thoughts. Their work, the quote from the American photographer Brian Graf and the personal experiences of the author with the nylon bags are the main inspiration for the works from the series “Relations”.

nylon, paper, 240 х 38 сm

Core samples
nylon, plexiglass, 180 х 14 сm

Core samples
4 Plastic emotions - acrylic on wood panel 122 x 122 cm

Plastic emotions
acrylic on masonite, 122 х 122 сm


Verder Gallery – Ohio, USA